Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of A Press Release For SEO

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Digital marketing experts have long recognized press releases as a powerful tool. However, many recent changes have seemingly diminished earlier success metrics, leaving agencies searching for solutions. Having identified the underlying difficulty that robs clients of authority when they publish a press release, Lane Houk of Signal Genesys, a white label SEO software, developed a solution that makes press releases even more effective than ever before. 

Why Did Results Diminish? 

When Google rolled out EAT, many of the same digital marketing experts relying on press releases for their superb results started to see them negatively impacting their overall strategy. 

The reason for this is not easily understood. In fact, many agencies acknowledge that press releases no longer hold the same SEO value they once did but have no idea why, or how to address the problem. 


To put it simply, Google’s EAT, a series of data points that evaluates an entity’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, assigns canonical authorship via the platform strategy and assigns the “preferred version” of content in the process of publishing a press release to the proprietary media room software developed by Signal Genesys.

Houk found that publishing content on news sites actually took away or reassigned canonical to the news site instead of the publisher and creator of the content! This not only defeated the process but also worked against SEO strategies and the basic premise of authorship so highly valued by Google’s algorithm.

The White Label Software that Changes Everything

Having identified this critical component, Houk developed a white label software exclusively for marketing agencies. The marketing platform helps agencies surpass the success that press and article release generation had prior to several algorithm updates. It does this by helping establish, retain, and manage client authorship using a proprietary site sourcing, content syndication, and signal generation process. This process increases the value of press release publication exponentially. 

Taking Back Digital Marketing Power

For the digital marketing agency, the goal of a press release is to gain client visibility and obtain coverage by popular media outlets online and in traditional media outlets such as television, radio, and magazines. The second and equally important goal is to have the press release generate strong signals that help their client’s web properties rank well in searches. Signal Genesys helps agencies achieve these goals more successfully than any other solution in the marketplace. 

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of A Professional Press Release For SEO 

A well-written and well-executed press release is a thing of beauty. An eloquent, unique, and attention-grabbing press release is marketing gold in its indirect value. A professionally crafted press release is also important because its strength lies in its organic capabilities to get readers to respond once it is distributed.  

To get reputable and professional news sites and media outlets to respond to a press release, the content itself must be professional and reputable.

The Signal Genesys platform addresses both of these goals with a professional press release writing service that compliments the white label SEO software

Press Releases Remain a Force When Using the Right Tools

In today’s digital marketing landscape, SEO is more complex than ever before. This is why publishing quality content on a white label digital marketing platform that establishes, retains, and manages client authorship is more important than ever. 

Why Agencies Prefer Signal Genesys

Press releases are still powerful tools when backed by the right software. Signal Genesys provides agency partners with the ability to publish client content to a high-quality network of major media authorities throughout the USA for lasting impact. It has a direct Google Maps API integration for Google Map displays of the client’s business listing and a proprietary media room app for one-click publishing and optimization of content on the client websites, making content more powerful than ever.


Agencies can visit and visit the pricing and proof sub-domains to view video testimonials from clients, live media room, and social wall examples. For more information, email [email protected] or call (833) 747-0700.

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